Hello people, I'm the famous


I was born on July 26, 1974 (Leo is the sign) and also in Chinese New Year I'm also a Tiger. I graduated in 1993 at Bridgehampton HS with 15 other people in my class. And yes I'm very proud that I come from a small school with great educators that helped me to finish school. I grew up in "Da Bridge: Da original Killa Bee Hive" all my life. I went to college but learn nothing at all. I have three lovely children Ariel, Aja, and Trevon aka Da Boy all by the same woman Tynisa. I was so thrilled when Ariel was born on June 28, 1993. The messed up part is that I was on my way to college when she was born. For Aja, I was in the "I have to do something in my life stage." But I finally did something with myself by going to the service. The good ol' United States Marine Corps. I graudated in 1997 of March 14. Now for Aja this was her birthday gift. See, she was born on the 7th of March. To tell the truth, I cried because I made my mom, children, sister and my wife proud of me. While I was in the USMC I received a phone call about my wife, my first son was born on Sept 8 1998. As you can see, I was never there when my children were born. Sad isn't it.  (Now I can't celebrate my son's b-day because of Sept. 11, 2001). I was married on May 28,1998 to my children mom, Tynisa. We have our little ups and too many downs, but we still manage to be come on top.

I have great friends that I grew up with that I still hang out with, like Tom. We have been best friends since kindergarden. We been through everything together like the good, the bad, and the weird times. But in the end we managed to come on top of any situation that was unconquerable. And now he is married to the lovely Tara- Nicole Ragon aka Mrs. E2. They were married on Oct.28, 2001 and I wished the the very, very best in their lives and married. And my other friends are the Wyches. They are constist of Sean, Tabitha, Edward, Clarence, Precious, and Talea. We all grew up with each other and now they have there own lives to live. Sean has three lovely girls and finally a boy. He is married to the lovely Bobbie. Tabby is chilling with her boyfriend Todd. Ed has his first boy by a beautiful young lady Javonda and she has a cute little girl too. Precious is going to be a mother soon. With her boyfriend David, they will make a loving mommy and daddy soon. (Hope the baby comes out on my b-day.) And Ms. Talea Wyche, she just graduated from school last week and I wish her the best in everything that she do in life.

My intest are Transformers, Gundam models, Comics, Japanese animation, and WU Tang Clan. I go to the5elements.com almost all the time when I get the chance.

     If you ever want to e-mail me, my addresses is tonylambert26@yahoo.com & tonylambert80@hotmail.com.  
And I will try to get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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