Friday, March 28, 2003

Happy birthday, dad.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

    Yep. You knew I couldn't keep up that streak. Well, to be honest, I really didn't have anything to say. Still don't really, but since there's alcohol in my bloodstream, stuff'll just flow.

    Got my first phone call from someone who received my resume in forever today. Granted, it isn't exactly what I originally had in mind for when I graduated college (Boulder Creek Steakhouse), but it's at least it's selling a product I support (Boulder Creek's got some damn tasty stuff.) They're interviewing for the place they're building in Riverhead, which wouldn't be that far at all, and since they're building, I'm assuming they don't have anyone working there yet. The guy didn't say what I would be interviewing/filling out an application for, but that's why I speak to people in person, I guess. If I can't get something in management, I'd like to tend bar, or at least train to do it; bartending can be a damn handy talent to have when you're not making any money. Places always need bartenders, and it's a good way to make some quick cash, especially if you're good, if you don't mind feeding people's addictions. I don't.

    Outside of that, nothing new on the job front. Police test is May 3rd, which is still over a month away, and it's not like they're overly hiring anyone right now. But, like any Civil Service exam, you take it, then ignore it, and maybe some day someone will get back to you and offer you an interview, some six months down the road.

    Outside of that, been wasting my life away playing Out Of The Park 5, an awesome text-based baseball simulation. Highly recommended. I'll put up a review for it eventually, but in the meantime, if you want to check out the website, it's here. It works off of eLicense, so don't try looking for rips of it online.

    Until next time.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

    Keep getting spam forwards from people regarding the war in Iraq and things related to it. The thing that annoys/amuses me the most about them is the indifference people see between Osama Bin Laden and Iraq.

    News flash, people. The war on Iraq and 9/11 are two separate things. Bin Laden (and his terrorists) launched the attack on America on September 11th. Iraq's just a country who we've never been fond of who was managing to put together a nice collection of illegal weapons. They are indirectly connected, though. The 9/11 attacks (note "attacks" being plural; there was more than one... I can imagine people who lost family on the attack on the Pentagon love hearing how 9/11 was the day terrorists attacked the World Trade Center) caught America off guard; America hadn't been attacked like that since Pearl Harbor, and the belief of Americans was that wars come and wars go, but it's not like we'll ever see anything happen here. America was the biggest kid on the playground; you didn't screw with him, but you never really saw him fight. With the cheap shot of 9/11, America was pissed off that they let one get past them, and that their reputation was ruined. Then, when they went to get Bin Laden, they failed. So, along comes Iraq, who America doesn't like in the first place. They piss off America, who responds the same way that any powerful person would. They go to beat the hell out of them.

    That's really all I have to say about the war. Now stop sending the damned forwards.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

    I honestly can't believe it's been 10 years already. Ten years ago today, Cleveland Indians pitchers Steve Olin and Tim Crews were killed in a boating accident in Winter Haven, Florida, on an off day for the players at Spring Training. Olin was a 27 year old submarine-style closer for the Indians, who was coming off a very good season for them. Crews had come over from the Los Angeles Dodgers as a free agent who was invited to camp. The two of them, along with Bobby Ojeda, were in a boat that slammed into an unlit dock, killing Olin and Crews, and nearly killing Ojeda.

    It was near the end of my freshman year at Hofstra, and I was writing for the Hofstra Chronicle then. I was covering men's lacrosse, but we had these "Viewpoint" things; little editorials that the sports department members could write about whatever they had a strong feeling about. The Indians/Winter Haven incident was one of two I did that year, and probably the one I was most passionate about. It's probably crap (I'll have to search around to see if I can find the article around my mom's house), but if I can find it, I'll post it on here. For now, check out Jayson Stark's reflection at

Friday, March 21, 2003

    Hey, look at that! Two days, two updates. Granted, there's no big article to go along with this, but it's my goal to get this part updated every day, so here's me living up to my word.

    Sent out four resumes today, and a fifth one goes into an envelope to be dropped in the mail tomorrow. Let no one tell you that the job market is in some kind of comeback. Although, admittedly, there were more interesting jobs this time then last week. Maybe my standards are just getting lower.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

    I know, I know, I know. Where to begin? Well, first off, I've scrapped the idea of being this whole "articles for the people" website. It's my website, and I've learned that if it's ever going to be updated on a regular basis, it's going to be me writing the articles. I fell into the trap in the past of waiting on articles from other people, and when they didn't come, I blew off doing anything for the site. I also let the site die down for several weeks because I went on vacation, and those weeks turned into a four month hiatus. No more. is going to be updated, if by anything, by writing at least something in this section every day, or at least as often as I can. Articles will be written by me, but if anyone reading this (do people actually read this?) has an article they'd like to write, feel free to send it in. I've got no problem with that. But I will not be looking for articles any more. The content, for the mostpart, is mine, and mine alone. This is nothing against those who have wrote for in the past. This is just solely a new beginning.

    Of course, I wrote a new article to get me in the mood for updating the page. It's called The Case For Mattingly, and it's yet another one of my articles about baseball, this time regarding the Hall Of Fame and certain recent relevations regarding a recently inducted player. Check it out, and feedback is always welcome. You can email me at