Friday, November 26, 2004

Actually, I just thought of a wonderful idea re: the last post.

Steal the magnets.

Then sell the magnets again, and take every single penny you make from the resale of the magnets and donate it to the Red Cross.

30 GOTO 10.

It's brilliant! GO USA!

DISCLAIMER: and this blog do not condone stealing property. Please do not steal things that belong to other people, no matter how good the end result might be. Especially do not steal thigns from other people and say that we told you to do it. We didn't tell you do to it. If you did it, it was your fault. Ha ha, I was being funny. Now put it down. Seriously. I'm calling the cops.
Yeah yeah yeah.

Was drawn to this because of a post I made, actually, on one of my boards. Here's a clip:

I've ripped into the ribbon issue with a few others during conversation, and I'll do it now too.

There is nothing wrong with supporting your country, or even supporting the war if you feel that it's something we should be doing. But the ribbon thing annoys me on plenty of levels.

- Every ribbon that is sold is being sold for profit - not to support anything except the seller's profit margin. 99% of the ribbon magnets I've seen are being sold in drug stores or gas stations (IRONY!) or delis or any other store where it seems a group of people might come together.

- The yellow ribbon itself has completely lost its meaning over time. Tradition goes back pretty far with it, but it gained attention in more current times back in the Iran Hostage crisis, with the ribbons signifying the desire to have a safe return of the hostages taken in Iran. Along the way, this morphed into "safe return of the troops" during the Gulf War, which was fine, to "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS", which is on almost every yellow ribbon magnet I've seen.

You don't have to "support the troops" to wish to see them home safely. There are plenty of other ways to support them. Personally, I don't support their actions, but I'd love to see them home safe. The yellow ribbon would be approprite for me, if its meaning hadn't changed so much over the last few years.

- Living on Long Island, I saw the Twin Towers thing, the American Flag thing, and now we're in the yellow ribbon thing. They'll all die, eventually. There's still a few people with the towers on their cars - generally the same people who actually were affected by the incident, having lost friends or relatives in the attacks. To them, it still means something. To everyone else, it was the thing to do - to one up the neighbor and have them be envious of you - and to "remain supportive of the country". The flags would stay on cars and rip and fade, but people still kept them on, in direct violation to pretty much every rule you learn about the American flag in Cub Scouts. Eventually they'd get thrown out and not replaced because they weren't convienent to have, and "no one really has them anymore".

Again, I have no problem with supporting something and making it visible (I wear a "trendy" cancer rubber band on my arm as I type), but when the bandwagon grows for it, it makes the message all that less effective by dilluting those who actually support the cause and those who want follow the trend.

Want to be supportive? Take the $5 you're spending on that magnet or sticker or whatever and use it on postage for a care package for a soldier in Kuwait or Iraq. Write a letter. Make a donation to your local volunteer fire department.

Enough of the stupid-a** magnets already.

Yep. I hatehatehatehatehate the ribbon magnets. And they're ALL over the place around here. I don't hate it because of the message. I hate it because it's a trend, and like every other trend, it'll die and no one will remember why we did it.

Kind of like the War in Iraq itself.

Linkage below to an interesting site touching on the history of the yellow ribbon thing, and why putting "Support Our Troops" on them isn't accurate.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ew. 8-7 this week, which brings me to 47-24-2, and using the $10 bookie fee, that's a whopping $20 you made this week. Of course, I'm not encourgaing you to bet. You know, unless you live in Nevada. And even then, that's your option.

This weekend went relatively well. Nothing uberspecial, but nothing overly bad either. This coming weekend is the make-or-break. We'll see.

So, my best friend is in Kuwait right now. I'm not sure what he's doing there (I know why he's there, but what his role is, I'm unsure.) But his being there is one of the main reasons I voted for Kerry, despite my not necessarily liking Kerry as a candidate.

My best friend served his time in the Marines, and that was fine. Realisticly, it got his life together, and I can't say anything negative about it. When he finished his commitment, he decided that he wanted to go into the reserves, but the Army reserves instead of the Marines. That's fine.

Now he's in Kuwait, awaiting his eventual trip to Iraq. Why? Honestly, why? Weapons of mass destruction? 9-11? A desire to be reelected? Swerving those wanting to see the capture of Osama bin Laden into thinking that we had accomplished something? He's not defending our nation right now, which (I was under the impression) is what the reserves is all about. He's attempting to fix a country that we felt needed to be fixed, pulled out of his home and his steady job so that he can be randomly shot at by people who hate every American because of the beginning of this paragraph. If he gets killed, he doesn't come home as a hero, because he wasn't defending us in war. He wasn't saving our children or taking a plane down that was heading for Camp David or something like that. Yet, some Canter Fitzgerald employee is considered a hero because while he was trying to get out of a building, shoving down women and anyone who stood in his way, the building crashed to the ground.

Yeah. Life's fair.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

A day early (we'll see how bad this effects it):

Jets -3 over BUFFALO
PITTSBURGH Pk'em over Philadelphia
DETROIT -3.5 over Washington
Dallas -1 over CINCINNATI
Oakland +6.5 over CAROLINA
Arizona +3 over MIAMI
Kansas City -3 over TAMPA
Chicago +9 over GIANTS (OVER - 35)
Seattle -7 over SAN FRANCISCO
SAN DIEGO -6.5 over New Orleans
New England -1 over ST. LOUIS
Houston +6.5 over DENVER
Cleveland +6 over BALTIMORE
INDIANAPOLIS -6.5 over Minnesota

Last week (week 6): 10-4
Overall: 39-17-2
Betting $100 on each game (minus $10 for casino/bookie cut): +$1790
It's been a while since I've actually posted anything. There are reasons for that.

First off, the weekly football picks have been off for the last two weeks. Originally, it was because of the vacation we took - Internet access in the Poconos was rare, and as it turns out, quite costly.

The second week, I haven't really had any excuse, except for the fact that I didn't feel like doing them. Understand that I've been trying to do the picks in a more exact fashion by taking spreads from Vegas on Sunday morning then making my picks. I also try to throw in comments to make you understand why I'm picking these teams; I guess I want to prove that I'm not completely picking them out of my ass. The process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (depending on where my attention span is), and I usually don't have that kind of time at home to sit down and work like that. That's why my attempt at NaNoWriteMo is failing so miserably. If I took all the content I've written for one reason or another in November and counted the words, it might add up to 50k by the time November is over, but I don't think that's what NaNoWriteMo's all about.

Anyway, this coming weekend (for me, weekends are Sunday-Monday now) is pretty big, for reasons I'm not letting onto right now. There are reasons for this - I'm not being vague just for the sake of mystery. Let's just say that if all goes well, I'm going to be a lot happier and have more time on my hands to do what I want.

I'll have picks (without the commentary) either today or tomorrow. I want to see if I can keep up my record (these past two weeks have been good for me to stay away from).