Thursday, October 21, 2004

Yeah. I know. I know I know I know.

I've heard people compare it to the Lakers. This wasn't the Lakers. The Lakers weren't up 3-0 and lost the series. This isn't a team that was supposed to be great who just lost in the playoffs.

This was a team that three outs away from a four game sweep, but instead lost four straight games. It is, very possibly, the biggest choke in the history of sports.

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is the Buffalo comeback against Houston where they came back from like 31 points down in the playoffs.

I've got an article ready for this, looking back at what told the Yankees to do, what they actually did, and why it did (or didn't) work. Then, we'll look at what needs to be done for next year.

Assuming there's anyone left come next year.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I hate David Ortiz.


At least I don't have to see ugly-ass Boston fans anymore.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Let's try it again. As usual, spreads are from the Stardust in Vegas:

Miami +5.5 over BUFFALO

Call it blind optimism. Also, call it a game that I think will be decided by 3 points or less. Over/under for this game is 30. 30. And I still wouldn't touch it.

San Francisco +10 over JETS

It's not that the Niners are that good of a team. It's just that (as I've mentioned earlier) the Jets play to the level of their competition. They're not the type of team that covers spreads, and the Niners will put points on the board if you're not paying attention.

Seattle +3.5 over NEW ENGLAND

Here's the letdown. Seattle was looking forward to this game and past St. Louis (which I was calling, but decided to stay with my first thought), and they ended up losing. This is the game they want, and they can beat New England. I'm not sure if they will, but they can.

PHILADELPHIA -9.5 over Carolina

I changed my mind on this one. I was thinking that with Davis coming back for the Panthers that they'd keep this one close. A TD and a field goal isn't that much of a blowout, and Philly can do that. Last time I didn't change my mind when I wanted to I blew the Seattle/St. Louis game.

Cincinnati +3 over CLEVELAND

Cleveland still isn't that good. Cincinnati's got a few pieces to put together that make them capable of beating good teams. They should be able to beat Cleveland straight up. The 3 points is for home field, otherwise Vegas is seeing these teams as even. I don't.

Green Bay +3 over DETROIT

I'm picking too many underdogs, and I'll pay for it, I'm sure. I honestly don't think Green Bay is that bad, and I don't think Detroit is that good. I think Favre gets pissed off and the Pack score a bunch of points. Sure, Detroit can score some points, but I think Favre will take things into his own hands. Plus, if Ahman Green plays the way he's supposed to, we don't have this conversation.

Washington +1 over CHICAGO

Come on Gibbs. You guys aren't that bad. Arrington wants to come back today. Maybe that'll mean something.

Houston +6.5 over TENNESSEE

What, one game against Green Bay means this team's suddenly the new '99 Rams? McNair still has no one to throw the ball to. Imagine if they still had Eddie George. Could Houston really win 3 straight?

ATLANTA -5.5 over San Diego

Time to sell high with the Chargers. They're reading their clips, and might get a little overconfident. Atlanta came crashing down to earth and if Michael Vick finally figures out this offense, then maybe we'll see something.

Kansas City -2.5 over JACKSONVILLE

Quick! Everyone back on the KC bandwagon! Hurry, it's leaving!

Pittsburgh +3 over DALLAS

Has anyone noticed Pittsburgh lately? Like, they're winning. Seriously winning. The Hamburgler under center for Pittsburgh is doing the job, and then some. Parcells is comparing him to Marino. Hyperbole by the coach to psyche out his opponent, but Pittsburgh is good. Take the over (39) on this one too.

Denver -2.5 over OAKLAND

Oakland is uuuuuuugly. Denver's figured out who their 100 yard rusher's going to be. I think they can manage a field goal victory.

Minnesota -3.5 over NEW ORLEANS

The Saints have burned me two straight weeks. Not this time.

ST. LOUIS -6.5 over Tampa Bay

I'm not basing this on last week. Oh, who am I kidding, of course I am. Tampa still isn't scaring anyone, and St. Louis has the ability to seemingly score points whenever they want.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Well, I'm seriously considering getting rid of my medical insurance. I can't really afford it right now. Sure, my knee hurts and all, but it's always hurt - what's different now?

Obviously the one we'd be thinking about in regards to our health inisurance is Cole. However, there are a lot of government programs for kids (especially peanuts like Cole) that would make sure he'd be ok.

Money's tight. We just have to make it work better. I couldn't think of two cheaper people to do it.
From the Dr. Pepper/7Up website:
Dr Pepper today announced the introduction of Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper in its heartland markets, with a national roll out planned for January 2005. Reminiscent of favorite fountain drinks from the 1950s, Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is the first offering in the company's new Fountain Classics line.

Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper combine the one-of-a-kind taste of Dr Pepper with a splash of cherry and a hint of vanilla. New Fountain Classics flavors will be introduced depending on the demand and tastes of Dr Pepper lovers.

"We looked to consumers for insight when we developed Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper," said Jim Trebilcock, senior vice president – consumer marketing. "Dr Pepper drinkers are always finding new ways to enjoy their Dr Pepper whether they add vanilla or cherry or other fountain flavors."
God, I love new soda. Damn you Middle America for getting this first! I bet they have it in Warwick anyway.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

10-4. That knocks the record up to 29-13-2. Damn, man. I could use that money.

So, it's been a little while since I've started my new position here. More computer related stuff, less customer service for phone issues. It's nice, because all those projects I've wanted to work on I have time to work on now. I don't know how long that will last (having time to do things), but I guess we'll see. I know life has been a lot calmer over here so far.

Poconos vacation set up for 10/23-10/30. Should be nice. We're thinking about looking at a few houses in the area while we're there too. It's too damned expensive to live out here.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

After an 11-3-1 week, we're sitting at 19-9-2. That means if you went out and dropped $100 on each pick I told you to make, you'd be up a grand. Well, technically, you'd probably be up like $900, because Vegas usually takes a cut of winnings too, just to keep the odds in their favor.

Anyway, on to the picks:

NEW ENGLAND -13 over Miami

You know, in '85 when the Bears were looking to go undefeated, it was the Dolphins that beat them to protect their record. Now it's Miami defending another record of theirs against a team trying to break it. Plus, 13 points is a LOT of points to give up to a team that has a very good defense and hasn't given up more than 17 points. But that '85 Dolphins team was a very good team (that should have gone to the Super Bowl), and the Dolphins haven't played an offense worth a damn.

PITTSBURGH -6 over Cleveland

I still think Robblerobbleburger is a quality QB, and will do fine. I still think Cleveland is crap. They kind of remind me of Baltimore, except without good defensive players.

INDIANAPOLIS -9.5 over Oakland

I take back what I said about Collins. He looked BAD last week. Maybe he'll get his head back into it and play to near Gannon level. But Indy's going to be Indy and put points upon points on the board. On a side note, the over/under on this game is 52. Holy cow.

Detroit +7 over ATLANTA

I'm getting suckered into this one. Detroit puts points on the board. They just do. Atlanta's d-line's been getting a lot of press, but it's not how Detroit puts points on the board. Plus, Atlanta's not exactly sporting the high-scoring potential (that they should). I see Atlanta winning, but I see Detroit scoring enough meaningless points in the 4th to cover.

NEW ORLEANS -3 over Tampa Bay

The Saints are once again a crapshoot team. Beat a team they shouldn't have beaten two weeks ago, crap the bed on a team everyone else can beat the following week. Tampa's not strong, man. Chris Simms is a good kid, but he's got almost nothing to throw or hand off to. Are there ANY teams in Florida that score touchdowns?

Giants +3.5 over DALLAS

The G-Men are on a roll, and there's no reason to stop picking them now. They're going to lose to good teams and beat the rest this season, and probably coast to 9-7/10-6 range at this rate. They're better than Dallas though, or at least as good. I'll stay on this bandwagon until told otherwise.

Minnesota -4.5 over HOUSTON

A popular sleeper pick. It's funny, because Houston seems to be playing to the level of their competition, while Minnesota seems to underachieve. Will Houston know how to play? Do they play to Minnesota's potential, or do they play to how they've been playing? Does anyone know how good Minnesota is? Yeah, neither do I. But I'll take 'em anyway, and while we're at it, I don't think it'll be THAT much of a blowout, so take the under (a whopping 50).

Buffalo +7 over JETS

Another popular sleeper pick, but I'm biting on this one. The Jets really aren't that good, and their offense generally does enough to beat a team, and not blow one out. The Jets playbook seems to be more concerned with Pennington's completion percentage than scoring actual points. Plus, Buffalo's one of those weird teams that can sneak up and score 24 points for the hell of it. I can't give the Jets 7 points. I just can't.

SAN DIEGO +3 over Jacksonville

Classic matchup. Team that scores a lot and gives up a lot vs. team that can't score and won't let anyone else do it either. Defense usually drags these battles down, but when the score is 3-2, I'll take the extra 3 points. Especially when they're at home.

Carolina +5.5 over DENVER

Ok, defending NFC Champion vs. mediocre AFC team that could start any one of 7 running backs. I know Carolina hasn't been lighting it up or anything, and I know they're playing in Denver, but it's not like it's snowing there... is it?

SEATTLE -7 over St. Louis

Better known as the "passing of the torch" game. All the pieces are into place now for Seattle. It's tough giving up 7 points against St. Louis, but we're not talking yardage here, and St. Louis can't seem to score more than 2 TDs a game. Granted, Miami would kill for that, but that's besides the point. I think Seattle's going to be really pumped for this game. Their letdown might come next week. Oh, they play New England next week? Maybe they continue rolling. Or maybe they drop this one looking forward to next week. Better move on before I change my mind.

Arizona +1 over SAN FRANCISCO

Just because I have to pick Arizona once this season.

(And games like this are why I have Sunday Ticket.)

Baltimore pick'em over WASHINGTON

I've got no faith in Washington anymore. The Cleveland game killed me. I didn't watch it, but apparently Joe Gibbs has to remember how to coach again. I have faith in Joe - he has been away for quite some time, and unlike retired coaches who still watch games and do commentary or over-analyze their old teams from home, Joe was completely involved in something non-football related. Lay off him, it'll come around.

GREEN BAY -3 over Tennessee

This Tennessee team is in trouble. As much as I was willing to write off the Pack last week, I still think that they'll turn it around at Lambeau on Monday night. It's just something Favre and Green Bay does.

Last week: 11-3-1
Season: 19-9-2

Sunday, October 03, 2004

DIdn't have a bad week last week, but stupid loyality mistakes knocked me out of my losers league and knocked my record down here. Anyway, I'll try not to make these mistakes again. Again, lines are provisded by the Stardust in Vegas, where this type of thing is legal (Home Team in CAPS):

Giants +7 over GREEN BAY

I hate giving the Giants the benefit of the doubt, but the G-Men have been playing well as of late and the Pack haven't done anything to earn a seven point spread over a team that's won two straight under a new coach and new quarterback. Lambeau would mean more if it were December.

Philadelphia -9.5 over CHICAGO

Chicago's got nothing going for them. No quarterback, injuries cropping up everywhere, and the best team in football coming in. I think Chicago's a better team than people are giving them credit for, but not today.

Washington -3 over CLEVELAND

Again, taking a road favorite. Last time I went with Washington, it was a loyality pick. This time, it's just that Cleveland is horrible.

New England -6 over BUFFALO

Man, I'm noticing a trend. But this is pretty much the Philadelphia rule. Best team in the league gets picked until they prove otherwise. Buffalo's one of those teams that could pull it off, but I'm not crazy about Buffalo and their 250 questions in their offense.

Oakland -2.5 over HOUSTON

Geez. I'm going to get screwed on a few of these games. Oakland loses their quarterback, but don't have much of a dropoff with their backup. Collins probably could have won the job outright during preseason, but the loyalty was there, and that's not a bad thing. Norv Turner's running an offense that's putting points on the board, further proving that the problem in Miami lies in that ugly mustache with a headset wrapped around it.

Indianapolis -4 over JACKSONVILLE

This will officially be the make or break for me picking Jacksonville in the future. Tennessee had an excuse. The Colts don't. If they can hold this offense under 10 points, they're my Super Bowl pick this season. For side action, take the under (43), just in case.

PITTSBURGH -4.5 over Cincinnati

I like the new kid in Pittsburgh. Plus, Cincinnati's not really impressing me much. I understand moving to Palmer was necessary for several reasons, but you have to wonder about winning now instead of earning your money.

Atlanta +3.5 over CAROLINA

No, Carolina's not doing much for me this year. I don't think they miss Stephen Davis, but I think they miss Steve Smith a great deal. With a team that has few offensive threats, you can't afford to lose many. Plus, Atlanta's defense is actually playing well.

New Orleans -3.5 over ARIZONA

Hi. Arizona sucks.

Jets -6.5 over MIAMI

Nothing to see here. Move on.

TAMPA BAY +3 over Denver

From a fantasy football standpoint, I'm hoping this is the week that Denver finally realizes that not ANY running back can be their starter, and they go with Tatum Bell. Until then, I think that Tampa might pull this one out, especially at home against a team that isn't scaring anyone.

SAN DIEGO +3 over Tennessee

I don't know if McNair is playing. I don't really care. Team without quarterback and good running back vs. team without quarterback and great running back. I'll take great over good any day.

St. Louis -3.5 over SAN FRANCISCO

Some people are calling this an upset special. As little faith as I have in the Rams, the 49ers just aren't good. They're better than Arizona, but that's not saying much.

Kansas City +5.5 over BALTIMORE

Call me crazy (and you will) but KC's got to snap out of it some time. They're not a 0-16 team. They might not be a 13-3 team again, but they have to snap out of it eventually. Why not on Monday night?