Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ah, Saturday.

While I get to take a day off from the Baseball Blog, I get to hit random things here in the regular blog. No restriction. No boundries.

Nothing to talk about.

Which, really, is what a blog is all about. The baseball blog's purpose is to get me to write every day (or at least every weekday) about a subject, kind of getting a portfolio together. That way, if lightning struck and someone was considering hiring me to write about sports (or at least baseball), I could point to something, not just my occasional baseball article wrapped around PS2 reviews and my rants on job hunting and the police test.

As I wrote this and thought how my mind scatters, I'm reminded that Tara told me I should look for ADHD studies that I could potentially participate in. When you don't have medical insurance, you're willing to volunteer for any poking and prodding that's out there.

Pretty sad, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

And while I'm still putting off redoing the site (mainly because I don't redo the site, Tara does, and she's uber busy), I'm managing to launch ANOTHER blog. This one is a baseball related one, and I'm going to try to update that one every day during the baseball season - at least during weekdays.

The link to it is www.buhner.com/baseballblog.html

This is a pathetic attempt to keep writing something every day. I seriously need to get into the habit of writing. And, the belief is that if I manage to write in the baseball blog every day, I'll write here every day.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll have something worthwile to say.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So I watched "Fat Actress" last night, only because I was in bed already and Tara was flipping channels and there really wasn't anything else on. I had very low hopes, mainly because I don't like fat jokes and Kristie Alley annoys me, and part of me deep deep down inside sees this whole "fat" thing as a way for her to get back into the public eye.

So I'm watching the show - as I said, with minimal expectations. I laughed my ass off. I pretty much enjoyed it for two reasons. The lesser reason was Rachael Harris. She's a good looking chick (blame the glasses) who should be in more things. The major reason though was Mayim Bialik. Yeah, Blossom. Yeah, she's older now (and not to rip on her or anything, but she hasn't aged that well considering she's not 30 yet - dude, Blossom's pushing 30. How old do you feel now?) and not as "cute" as she was back in her NBC sitcom days, but she ends up having sex with one of the other characters on the show, and to hear her cry out "Say my name! Say my name! Now say my other name!" as the guy cries out "Blossom! Blossom!" Just high quality stupid humor.

Of course, the end of the program where we flip back to Bialik's house where she cries out "but I"m Blossom, dammit!" and puts on the flower hat and dances to the recording of the Blossom TV show had me laughing again. It's stuff like that which works once - I don't know if she's going to appear again, but the whole combination of having not seen her in like 10 years to the immedate turn in "character" was funny.

I'll watch the show again. It'll surely let me down, but it didn't suck as much as I thought it would.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Trying to explain "fantasy baseball" to some people can be difficult. Hell, it's difficult to explain to most people. Explaining a fantasy baseball draft to people is just downright impossible.

I try to avoid these situations whenever possible, but since I'm at work on a Monday (which isn't usually my schedule), that brings up the question of why my schedule was different. Now, if I were a thinking man, I would have said something like "I was having warts removed with a laser" or "there was a plane crash and I was called to identify a body", which would have eliminated any followup questions. But no - I say things like "I had a fantasy baseball draft."

"What? What's fancy baseball?"

Sigh. The weekend was good though - I always enjoy the drafts, despite how annoying some of the people can be or how crappy I do in them. The Scoresheet draft is always fun, just because it's an auction draft and causes mass havoc. Granted, it's a lot of the same jokes every year (which some members of the league drill down our throats), but it's still good times. I drafted like crap this year, but it seems like a lot of us did. I'm thinking we'll see a decent amount of trades before the season starts, which'll be cool, because we never have that.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out of the queue. More stuff later.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

So I join a Yahoo Fantasy Basketball league, solely because I know almost nothing about basketball anymore, and thought that maybe - just maybe - that playing in the league would help me get into basketball more.

Naturally, I've completely ignored the league, and not so expectedly, I'm winning it.

Now, this can be explained by two theories:

1) "Public" fantasy leagues are done by people who don't give a crap 10 minutes after they get their team, or are filled with people who have absolutely nothing riding on it, so if they draft a bad team, they just ditch the league and do another one.

This makes sense. As we approach the halfway part of the NBA season, three of the twelve teams in the league have yet to make one roster move, meaning they have the exact team they drafted in the beginning. I can't see if they've switched their starters or whatever, but every player they had in the beginning they have now. Of the teams that have made transactions, I'm in second place, with 6 total (and as I mentioned, I'm not the most active member). There is one team that made 7 transactions, three (including myself) that made 6, one that made two, and the rest have either made one or zero. Not the most active league in the world.

2) "Involved" fans make hunch picks, overanalyze, ignore players who have done well because they're "not supposed to" do well, pick favorite players, and go nuts over rookies so that they can look cool for picking the sleeper that no one saw. Non-involved players just pick the best available players.

That's what's helping me here. I didn't even touch my draft list - I went by Yahoo's rankings. As it stands right now, I know I've heard of six of the ten starters on my team. Most of them I couldn't pick out of a lineup. But, this is who I have:

PG - Lebron James - Ok, even my wife knows who he is.
SG - Richard 'Rip' Hamilton - Know him from him doing well in the finals last year. Has a lot of hair, if I remember correctly.
G - Rafer Alston - Had to look up his first name. Know he plays for Toronto. Seem to remember a story about him walking out of a game when Toronto's coach benched him. Players don't seem to like Toronto's coach.
SF - Drew Gooden - Remember him from college being real good. Looked at his stats - doesn't seem to be that bad. Has apparently been traded twice in his career already.
PF - Eldon Brand - I know he's good. He used to play for Duke - despite that, he's a good NBA player. Used to play for Chicago - still not sure why Chicago traded him.
F - Kyle Korver - Apparently white. Probably would have guessed that by his name being "Kyle", but I didn't know that either. Plays for the Sixers, which I was unaware anyone outside of Allen Iverson played for that team.
C - Raef LaFrentz - I know he's white. Hell, I remember him being all-everything at Kansas. Has also apparently been traded twice. Fits in perfectly on Boston. Apparently, if you're a NBA GM, you shouldn't draft a Kansas star, just pick him up in a trade when the original team gets sick of him.
C - Marcus Camby - Former UMass guy, when I used to watch college ball. Went to Toronto, then the Knicks, then got hurt, so the Knicks got rid of him for magic beans. Now exchanged New York media stories with Kenyon Martin in Denver, where Lebron 2 plays.
Util - Bobby Simmons - Listed as a "guard-forward", so he must be about 6-5 to 6-8. Sure enough, 6-6. Surely a Bill Simmons favorite (especially with the Clipper season tickets now), Simmons sat on the top of a free agent list when I needed another player. "Educated" roto guys would have probably stayed away from him. I see 16 points and 6 boards a game and multi-position eligibility, and I take him. You wonder why I'm in first.
Util - Vladimir Radmanovic - Another FA pickup. Saw him on the list, didn't stand out except that he apparently shoots three pointers, which is always entertaining from a power forward, and you can never have too many three pointers from your PF position. Radmanovic throws up more than 5 a game, and actually hits 41% percent of them, which is just an awesome gameplan. I like weird foreign frankensteins to be able to shoot the trey. Possibly my favorite player on the team.

So, have I learned anything about the NBA during this adventure? Outside of foreign frankensteins shooting the trey, not really. But I'm preparing less for by baseball draft this year.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Gah. The flu is simple - get sick as hell for 24-48 hours, then back to normal.

A wicked cold is different - Get kind of sick, know that something is coming, drink juice, think that it's going away, get lax, have it hit again, drink juice again, watch that fail, get a fever, become motionless, don't eat for three days, get kind of better, blow nose for two weeks straight, lose ability to talk, avoid dairy alltogether, have difficulty hearing, get random headaches, hack at inopportune times, and have people give you no sympathy because you've "only got a cold".

Bastards. Welcome back to the blog. The writing juices are eventually going to flow again. I've wanted to start to write again, but with my brain being all over the place, I can't seem to focus my thoughts for over 5 minutes in a row to be able to.

I watched the Super Bowl by myself (my wife was in and out most of the time during the game), and it really just wasn't that interesting. Super Bowls are meant to be party atmospheres - we normally go over by brother-in-law's and hang out there, watching the game and eating food and hanging out. We didn't because his daughter was sick and we didn't want to risk anyone else getting sick (HA~!). So, instead we watched it at home, and even with my wife's best efforts to make "football food", she was still running around in "clean up the house because we've been gone for 4 days" mode and I was watching the game by myself, which made it seem less like a Super Bowl and more like a playoff game.

With Daytona on the horizon, I will eventually vent on my NASCAR adventure I had several months ago - I didn't want to talk about it before because there was a possible job involved, but since that isn't going to happen, I'll gladly vent.

Just at another time.