NCAA Top 25 and Heisman Outlook
By Chris Buse and Andy Doran, Staff Writers,

    Top 25

    Miami - Nation' best team, bar none.

    2.  Texas - October 12th, highlighted, circled, and on cruise control until then

    3.  Ohio State - Still have a lot to prove, mostly, can they find a passing game, and can they win a big road game.

    4.  Virginia Tech - Will go undefeated until early December showdown in the Orange Bowl

    5.  Oklahoma - Continue to show nations nations most talented Defense, and nations most confusing offense. October 12th...(see Texas)

    6.  Florida - Only one big game left, despite the tough SEC. Still in the nation title hunt. Do not sleep on the talented Gators.

    7.  Florida State - Despite what you saw, they still have Miami/Florida/NC State/Notre Dame left. They're not dead...yet.

    8.  Tennessee - November match up with Miami on the horizon, with a tough SEC schedule, yet most are in Knoxville. They too, aren't dead yet.

    9.  Notre Dame - The most completely unpredictable team in college football. Wanna bet against 'em? I'll take that bet.

    10. Iowa State - Best team you've never seen, bar none.

    11. Kansas State - Will cause problems all year, with the best QB you've never seen.

    12. NC State - Phillip Rivers should be a legit Heisman candidate, and they're favorable home schedule makes them a sleeper.

    13. Michigan - Latest offensive showing makes me believe OSU/Michigan will still be the second best rivalry of the entire year.

    14. Georgia - Toughest remaining schedule in the country, quite possibly. Have the tools to run the table, but refuse to make Fred Gibson the weapon he needs to be.

    15. Penn State - The miracle kids from Happy Valley continue to impress. Schedule is brutal. A nine win season should be considered a great year.

    16. USC - The best defense most of the country hasn't seen. They will win the Pac 10.

    17. Oregon - A gigantic question mark, until they play anyone with any sort of talent.

    18. LSU - Most talented team that I just don't get. Lots of big games left, still in the SEC title hunt.

    19. Iowa - A team that just doesn't quit. A true sleeper in the Big Ten

    20. Louisville - Don't let their record fool you. The Florida State "upset" wasn't out of the question. They're for real.

    21. South Carolina - Holtz continues to impress with smoke and mirrors. If he's not the best coach in college football, then you haven't watched much college football.

    22. Alabama - A team that has the tools, and talent to beat anyone in the country. A team with nothing to play for (NCAA sanctions), makes this team the most dangerous team in the country.

    23. Mississippi - Can Eli do what Peyton never did? Time will tell.

    24. Auburn - Cadillac...Cadillac...Cadillac. They don't make many mistakes, and run what might be the toughest running back in the country.

    25. Oregon State - A lot of talent, that needs to be tapped into.

    Heisman Picks (Who will win)

    1. Ken Dorsey, QB, Miami - If he wins, the entire team should win.

    2. Byron Leftwhich, QB, Marshall - The numbers don't lie, the arm strength don't lie. But if Randy Moss didn't win wearing that green jersey, neither should Leftwhich.

    3. Rex Grossman, QB, Florida - The man that could have won last year. He might win this year, the true question mark in this "race".

    4. Seneca Wallace, QB, Iowa State - Best QB in the country.

    5. Charles Rodgers, WR, Michigan State - Best player in the country.

    Heisman Picks (Who should win)

    1. Charles Rodgers, WR, Michigan State - The best player, bar none, in college football.

    2. Seneca Wallace, QB, Iowa State - If you ever cheered for Rudy, you'd cheer for this kid. He plays in Ames, Iowa, yes...that city exists, and yes, he's that damn good.

    3. Rex Grossman, QB, Florida - See above. Still the guy that can run away with this, if he chooses to.

    4. Cedric Benson, RB, Texas - Best Running back in the country? Possibly. It Texas runs the board, he's got that outside shot.

    5. Byron Leftwhich, QB, Marshall - See above. Best arm in the NCAA, maybe best QB in the NCAA, talent wise. But he plays in West Virginia, and plays in the MAC. Sorry kid.