Ok, we got the camera.  So, there are a few more pics for you.  I still don't have that many, because my wife has most of them, and I just have to figure out where on the hard drive they are.

Cole's ready for his closeup.

That's the boy, when he was less than a day old.  He's a good looking kid for a newborn, if I do say so myself.  I must say, everyone at the hospital were great.  I knock Southampton Hospital all the time for various reasons, but they were great here.  I don't think we could have asked for more (except maybe a private room after she gave birth).

Me and the boy.

Easily my favorite picture now.  The story behind it is that early one morning, Cole was to have his feeding, and she was doing 100 other things, so she asked if I could help out.  She didn't have the boppy thing that holds his head up, so she just asked if I could put my arm out so that Cole could rest his head on it so he wasn't completely flat on the bed as he was fed.  So I stuck out my arm as support, and Tara put him in bed and made sure his head was on my arm for support.  She fed him, and I pretty much fell asleep.  As kids do during feedings, he fell asleep too.  Was resulted was this picture, almost in the identical pose.  You couldn't have planned that if you wanted to.

My son 

 This is my son, Cole Tyler Edwards.  Back then, he was a sonogram picture.  My wife went through all the important work of labelling his various parts so that people have an idea of what they're looking at.

Cole showing off

 Here's a closeup of Cole at 14 weeks.  There were a lot of pictures taken of him for medical reasons (checking his health, etc), but after a while, he just turned to look at us.  Kinda weird.

 The first one...

 That's Cole at 7 weeks, the first time he ever looked like anything resembling a baby.  The first sonogram, which was at 5 weeks, was pretty much a spot.  That (especially in a clearer scan) actually looked like a baby.  I just can't imagine something like that growing inside of you.


That's me and the wife.  Having also stolen this picture from my wife's hard drive, the only info I can give you about it is that it was taken, apparently, in New York City.  It seems relatively recent, because I look like that now, and I remember those sunglasses.

Old, isn't it?

That's me and the wife back in college, back when she was blond and when I... well, I've pretty much always looked like that.  I was probably a bit lighter.

That's my new car.  It's a Corolla, which is the first car I've ever owned.  I've always trucks or that type of thing, but this is the first car I've owned new, and the first actual car.  It ain't shiny like that anymore.

More pics will come eventually, especially when I figure out where they are.  They'll probably be just of the boy, but that's how fatherhood is.