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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2005 - What's going on here?

    Anyone who's been to the site in the last 6 months or so has wondered what happened to the site.  No updates, no nothing.  Did I die?  Did I get incredibly lazy and stop updating?  Did someone offer to pay me to write for them, preventing me from having the time to write here?

    Yeah, right.

    Well, sometime in September, I went back to Blogger.  I had used them before in one aspect or another for various reasons, the most recent being a "rough draft" of the things I was going to write for Buhner so that I could access it from anywhere (work, home, etc) and then when I felt like updating HTML, I'd go to Blogger, get the content, and update.

    It seemed like an unnecessary step.  Me, looking for the easiest way out, went straight to Blogger, updated, and left it there.  I did this a lot.  Eventually, I used one of the templates they have there and made it look pretty.  I took all the old news from here and moved it over (all the way back to 2002).  The whole intention was that I'd use Blogger for my "What's New" updates, and eventually morph this page and the Blogger page together so that when I updated Blogger, this page would get updated.

    That will happen, eventually.  Buhner's going to go through some minor changes to the format when it eventually gets redesigned.  For now, all the updated can be found here in the blog. 

    There's also something new - The Buhner.com Baseball Blog.  If there's one thing I can write about every day, it's baseball (at least during the season).  That's going to be my attempt to write in every day.  And, by association, try to update the regular blog every day as well.

    Anyway, until the redesign, check out the two blogs using the links.


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