Black Sunshine Computer Concepts

The company that myself and my wife started late last year.  They are responsible for the designing of several websites, including  BSCC also does pretty much anything you'd want done computer-related, from website design to networking to computer repair.
I'd be remiss (and in a lot of trouble) if I didn't mention my wife's website.  My wife is the main web designer, and she's been doing this for a pretty long time.  She's responsible for the new look at, so if you like it, visit her site and let her know!
How weird is it that I have a son?  It's pretty unbelievable how the life cycle works.  Anyway, before I start babbling about how great life is, I'll just let you know that this is my son's website, where my wife plans on putting pictures and making all nice with.  I pretty much have nothing to do with it, but she's the better webmaster (and takes tons of pictures) so that's how that works.

BL Twin Towers Baseball League
A fantasy baseball league I take part in (and maintain a webpage for).  The league uses Scoresheet Baseball as its basis, consists of twelve teams, and has an auction draft every February.

USA Sports
The leagues of Andrew Lewis offer some of the best sports simulation out there.  USA Sports currently consists of a football simulation and a stock car racing simulation.  I am active in both leagues (in fact, I run the racing league), and both leagues offer active owners and a rich history. offers them webspace for their vast amount of files; the design is by Andrew Lewis himself, however.

Tony Lambert's page
My best friend who I'm not married to.  We helped him put a page up on the Internet.  We haven't done much else for it, but it's there.