Wrestling Observer - The website for the weekly newsletter written by Dave Meltzer, arguably the best "insider" writing about pro wrestling.  The website gives you a little insite on what's going on, but you really have to subscribe to the newsletter to appreciate Meltzer's knowledge.

Nancies.org - A must for any fan of the Dave Matthews Band.  Seeing as how the band's official website isn't the best place in the world for information about the band (in fact, it's pretty weak), Nancies.org picks up the slack and posts most any information in regards to the band or the individual members.  They also keep things like setlists, FAQs, and have a good community for the message boards.

X-Entertainment.com - Deal with the ads.  If you lived through the 80s, you have to take a search through this site.  Too many good stories about old stuff that you played with back then, and a whole lot of stuff you forgot about.  This site brings back way too many memories for me.

Wrestlecrap - Yep, it's back.  If you're a wrestling fan, it's easy to look back and say how much better wrestling used to be.  Granted, it was still better in the past, but we were all a lot younger back then, and let things that really sucked kind of go right buy us.  Wrestlecrap brings them back and reminds us how bad major pro wrestling can really be.  This used to be a lot larger and better site, but bandwidth got to be huge, and the guy who rant the site couldn't keep up with it.  I really think someone's missing the boat on that site, because it obviously got a ton of traffic, and was really damn entertaining.

The 16th Parallel - Website of Mark Warren, one of my better friends online.  He does great website work, so if you're in his area instead of mine, go to him to get your website done.  He's also got a lot of great pics on his site (mostly of his daughter) and some rather disgusting ones (but disgusting in a beautiful way.)