Buhner.com Week 2 NFL Picks
by Tom Edwards , Editor-In-Chief, Buhner.com

    After writing up a pretty accurate NFL preview, I went out last week and made some halfway decent NFL picks for week one (not posted here).  However, my wife pretty much embarassed me by picking more right picks than me, and picking up the cash in a pool we're in (not that we're in a pool... that would be illegal.)

    Anyway, my picks (with explainations) follow.  I'll post Tara's picks below them.  We'll see who has the last laugh this week.  Keep in mind that your point spreads may differ; these are just the ones I'm using.  Home teams are in CAPS.

    Giants +12.5 over RAMS

    How quickly can you jump off the Rams bandwagon?  With the Rams showing weakness last week, they're ripe for a letdown this week, even if it is their home opener.  The Giants played them hard last year, and I don't think Jim Fassel would let his Giants get blown out.  Last year's Rams might have gotten the nod, but last week's Rams won't.  Tara's Pick: Giants

    Patriots +1.5 over JETS

    Call this one my pick of the week.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T, something that the Patriots wonder when they'll see.  So, they blow out everyone's Super Bowl favorite last week, and still can't get to be the favorite in a game against their division rivals.  The Jets should have lost to the Bills last week.  But where else can you get to pick the Super Bowl Champs and get points over an at best 9-7 team?  Tara's Pick: Jets

    Dolphins +2.5 over COLTS

    You've noticed the weak spot I have for teams on the road, haven't you?  Generally, it's hard to pick against a quality team that plays their home games in a dome, just because the crowd noise in a dome can be unreal.  But the Dolphins don't have to rely on the passing game to get them the big play, and can pound it out on the ground now.  I think the Colts have talent, but they're a bit in disarray right now, thanks to a completely different style of coaching brought into town.  Things like that don't take just a preseason to iron out.  They'll be a good team, but not just yet.  Tara's pick: Dolphins

    CHIEFS -4 over Jaguars

    Well, if you wanted a home team, you got one now.  This is pretty much a home team pick, because I think this game could go either way.  The Chiefs want SO bad to be the Rams of the AFC, and they proved that by scoring 40 points against a Browns defense that isn't that bad.  The Jags dropped one to the Colts last week, but showed more offense in that game than in 4 preseason games, thanks to Jimmy Smith just being near the field.  This one figures to be a shootout, and the Chiefs look like they have the gameplan to win those.  Tara's pick: Jaguars

    Packers -2 over SAINTS

    Again, me going against the wisdom of the home team in the dome.  The Siants surprised by taking out the Bucs last week, but the win wasn't overly impressive, considering the Bucs are in transition.  The Saints still have a bit to prove, and the Packers are a more talented team.  Add onto that the fact that the Packers are looking to prove that they're better than the team that almost gave away a game to the Falcons, and you've got a Packers win.  Tara's pick: Packers

    Bears +3 over FALCONS

    The Bears, like the Patriots, and struggling to gain the respect of the league and the betting lines.  The Falcons are trying to prove that they're not really the Falcons.  We all love Michael Vick, but as anyone who used to play against Philadelphia in Tecmo Super Bowl will tell you, a quarterback who runs all over the place and completes a few passes still doesn't complete a team.  Tara's pick: Falcons

    Buccaneers -3.5 over RAVENS

    I would have taken the Raves so many times if they hadn't looked like total crap last week.  Not that the Bucs looked much better, but they scored points, and I think they have the ability to score points.  Baltimore needs to look past their quarterback in regards to their offensive problem.  Their quarterback is fine; their receivers suck ass, though, and they don't exactly have an explosive offensive playbook.  How quickly they've fallen.  Tara's pick: Bucs

    Lions +3 over PANTHERS

    If I had NFL Sunday Ticket, I'd watch this game, because someone has to.  Honestly, this might be the worst game played this season.  I honestly don't care if the Panthers won last week.  The Panthers won in week one last season too, and lost 15 straight games after that.  The Lions haven't signed a good free agent in the history of the NFL's free agency system.  The Panthers start RODNEY PEETE, who I believe may be the only starter left in the NFL who started in Tecmo Super Bowl.  Rodney's going into Detroit, where he started for the Lions... 10 YEARS AGO.  I'm sorry I'm yelling.  I picked the Lions just because I get three points, and I think there's a legitimate shot this game may end 0-0.  Tara's pick: Panthers

    BROWNS -4.5 over Bengals

    People thought the Bengals could make the playoffs.  They were one of those cool "sleeper" teams.  Apparently, they slept through week one, and the Chargers were suddenly made into this great team.  The Bengals have become the Joey Maggs of the NFL, making any team look good, no matter how much they suck, but getting in no offense in the process.  Should be an interesting game to watch, solely to see how the Browns celebrate their victory.  Imagine the hilarity when Dwayne Rudd finds that his helmet has been rubber cemented to his head.  Tara's pick: Browns

    Titans -3 over COWBOYS

    Ok, so the Titans look all dominant last week.  They beat the Eagles, who everyone that doesn't have the Rams going to the Super Bowl has as NFC Champions.  The Cowboys lose to an expansion team.  By nine.  Quincy Carter looks like Garo Yepremian out there, without the kicking ability or fashionable clothing.  Yet, the Titans are only three point favorites?  Did I make the Patriots my pick of the week?  Nah, change it here.  Tara's pick: Titans

    SEAHAWKS -3.5 over Cardinals

    I changed this one three times.  I think the Cards are a dangerous team, as proven last week against the Redskins.  Offensively, even with their o-line, they can score points.  It's just a defense that has a problem, and that's music to Shawn Alexander's ears.  The Seahawks have god-boy good luck charm Trent Dilfer coming back, who'll do worse statisticly then last week's starter, Matt Hasselbeck, but the Seahawks will win anyway.  Hell, I'm picking the Seahawks to win every week until they lose under Dilfer.  It's that simple.  Tara's pick: Seahawks

    VIKINGS -5 over Bills

    I had to go along with the whole "dome" logic eventually, right?  The Bills are a better team than people thought, look at last weeks game agains the Jets for an example.  But the Vikings home field is as much of an advantage as any home field in any sport.  It gets LOUD in Minnesota, and they can still score points... I think.  If I had picks of the week, call this one my un-pick.  I'm really not that sure about this one.  Tara's pick: Vikings

    49ERS -3.5 over Broncos

    Yeah, I know.  This is the Broncos team that beat the Rams last week.  But Broncos quarterback Brian Griese is mentally screwed, and I think once Griese throws an interception in this game, he's going to be toast, and it's only a matter of time before he gets pulled.  The Niners can score points, and once Griese makes that error, the Niners will run away with the game.  Tara's pick: Broncos

    CHARGERS -12.5 over Texans

    What the hell am I thinking?  Well, going into this game, you have to ask which team was for real, the Texans who beat the Cowboys, or the Chargers who steamrolled the Bengals.  Personally, I think that the Texans were just overly pumped up about playing on TV in their first ever home game, and they played over their heads.  The Chargers might have too, but they've at least got the offensive weapons, and a good head coach.  12.5 points is a risk, but I'll take it.  Tara's pick: Texans

    STEELERS -4 over Raiders

    Looking at the schedule before week one, this looked to be a possible AFC Championship preview.  Right now, it looks like a do-or-die game for the Steelers.  Sure, week two is a little early for "do or die", but if you're the Steelers, you have to be looking at it that way.  Two losses to start the season does not a championship team make.  This is the Steelers home opener, and they're going to be pumped.  Why not?  Tara's pick: Raiders

    REDSKINS +3 over Eagles

    Sure, that's predicting a 0-2 start for the mighty Eagles, but we're getting three points for a home team that is capable of beating anyone.  Jeremiah Trotter is looking to gain a little sweet revenge agains tht team who just let him go, and the Redskins are anxious to prove that they're not just a gimmick offense.  The Eagles are in disarray, after giving away a win to the Titans, and might not be able to use their running back by committee offense to beat the Redskins.  And, as said before, anytime you get a good team, plus points, at home, you take it.  Tara's pick: Redskins